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A Legacy in Identity Preserved Food Supply

We are a global food-grade soybean leader, grounded by the values and insight of a 5th generation U.S. family farm.

Recognizing a gap in the global supply chain, we challenged the way food-grade soybeans were raised, creating new market opportunities for our neighbors and building a reputation of providing quality sourced products around the world.  We are fully invested in the promise of a safe and secure supply chain, focusing on food safety through cutting-edge identity preservation (IP) and traceability.

Today, our customers value our relationship-driven process – solving their unique business challenges with a legacy of ingenuity.

The world demands constant change. Our customers deliver constant challenge. We thrive on both.

We are SB&B Foods.

Non-GMO Soybean

We are a non-GMO soybean supplier, producing and supplying the finest quality non-GMO soybeans in the world.

Organic Soybean

As a leader in the organic food supply industry, we partner with experienced and committed producers whose goals align with our own.

Specialty Products

In addition to soybeans, we handle an extensive line of Identity Preserved products for international and domestic food markets.

The Choice Is Clear

We take our work seriously. We do it all, managing the entire supply chain for our global customers.

  • Pesticide & Heavy Metal Tests per Variety & per Crop Year
  • Production & Grower Contracts with Lot System
  • Varietal Research & Development Program
  • Facility Certifications & Audits
  • Facility Lab Checks & Testing
  • Container Inspection Forms
  • Grade Certifications
  • Seed Lab Checks
  • Seed Production
  • Seed Selection
  • Field Checks
  • Logistics & Documentation

Continual Growth

We’re constantly working to be better every day in order to build a trusting relationship with our customers. Our research and development, quality control protocols and innovative practices keep us ahead of the curve and exceeding industry standards. Everything we do is for the success of our customers.