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NOP Organic Certified



At both of our facilities in North Dakota and Wisconsin, Identity Preservation is maintained throughout the cleaning process to ensure traceability. We incorporate multiple magnets, roller separators, infrared color sorting and metal detection in our cleaning and packaging line. Every day, we’re committed to assuring your food has the outstanding quality to meet food market demands.

And we’ll always have the room to handle large yields – the total annual capacity of both locations is 80,000MT.

Regular inspections by organic and state agencies renew our certifications every year. Our professional staff also maintains the necessary skills to guarantee our products are contamination and GMO-free before entering the food grade market.


We customize the processing of your product according to your needs. Our facilities are uniquely designed with specialized sorting & handling equipment as well as the ability to adapt to unique requirements and a variety of crops.

• Magnets and Metal Detectors
• Sieve Mills, Destoners
• Roller Separators & Color Sorters
• Non-GMO & Organic only
• FSMA Compliant
• HAACP Certified
• Quality Assurance