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Organic Soybeans

As a leader in the organic food supply industry, we partner with experienced and committed producers whose goals align with our own: to deliver premium organic soybeans for our customers. Take a look at our organic certifications.

What Growing Organic Crops Means to Us

When you order organic soybeans from us, know that you’re getting exactly what you asked for. No contamination. No chemicals. We’re certified organic, and we’re proud of that.

Organic foods have been in the public’s interest for years. In 2002, the USDA released its first set of national standards in the United States. We’re up-to-date on these policies, organic equivalencies, and exporting soybeans and other organic crops.

We and our grower partners limit the use of fertilizer and completely avoid the use of herbicides. All of our crops are grown in the most natural way possible while still maximizing yields. That’s our promise to you.

Learn More About How We Produce And Process Non-GMO Soybeans